Jazak Allah Khair
  • Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld

    Here is an example of a simple but huge underlying story for children. Cloudette is a small cloud that sometimes appericates her size and then other times she doesn’t. In one particular moment she feels bad because she isn’t large enough to create storms, or do important cloud business (ha).It isn’t until during a storm she is blown away to someone unknown that she actually can see what she can do.

    I love this story because not only is it simple to understand but it shows children that you don’t have to big in order to accomplish something or even to help someone. It is important that children know that size doesn’t matter and if you really want something you can achieve it. This book also shows that even if you are faced with change as if having to leave your comfort zone things can be still work for you if you try. 

    Good, cute read for children and their parents.

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