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  • mylifeinthelibrary:

    It really warms my heart to see the library looking out for its community in the light of everything happening in Ferguson.

    (Source 1, 2)

    EDIT: Be sure to follow Ferguson Library on twitter.

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  • "but you don’t act black"
    please tell white people that this will never be a compliment (via blkdzn)

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  • Manga Review: Bloody Cross by Shiwo Komeyama

    Manga Review: Bloody Cross by Shiwo Komeyama

    Yen Press Published May 1, 2012 224 Pages

    Yen Press
    Published May 1, 2012
    224 Pages

    Half angel, half demon, Tsukimiya needs to drink the blood of a pure demon in order to break the curse that will kill her on her 18th birthday. In the middle of a battle, she meets Hinata, an angel, claiming to be there to help Tsukimiya.

    But when the demon is killed, Hinata is the one who drinks the blood, leaving Tsukimiya to die. But in a turn of events…

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  • "Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life."
    Johnny Depp (via enemaroberts)

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  • bisexualroses:

    has someone done this already or

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  • itsmydarkesthour:



    Bob Ross soothes and calms and makes me happy like nothing else I’ve ever known.

    Fun fact: Bob Ross was a Marine drill sergeant for several years, but quit because he didn’t like yelling at people.

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  • marylovesbooks:

    My problem isn’t that I don’t want to read the books I already own, it’s that they keep releasing new books.

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  • floridasunshineee:

    the best line ever

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